Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Movies: Q and A session.

Back in June I reviewed the Larry Cohen creature feature Q.

Last Friday, actually for-reals pro film critic Roger Ebert got around to reviewing Grindhouse (he missed it due to illness). The review is what it is – I reckon, by now, that either you know where you stand on said pick or don't care – but his review does have a wonderful little anecdote about Q. From Ebert:

I recall a luncheon at Cannes thrown by the beloved schlockmeister Sam Arkoff of American-International Pictures. "Sam!" said Rex Reed, after seeing Arkoff's new film "Q," about a Quetzlcoatl that swooped down on Wall Street to gobble up stockbrokers. "What a surprise! Right in the middle of all that schlock, a great Method performance by Michael Moriarty!" Arkoff blushed modestly. "The schlock was my idea," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!

Oh, just wanted to say, Happy Halloween to you and the missus!
I have a slight cold, but I'm hanging in there.
Finally bought candy and pumpkins TODAY.

Also, just saw your comment on JJ's blog re: the SAW franchise, etc.
I just left a very rambling comment there, mostly while you posted yours.
At least YOU'RE concise and to the point.
AND have a point to make, to boot!
I'm glad you were able to check out the post.

Alright... I go kill pumpkin now!