Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stuff: Even I, Lucas, have heard the legend of the Fish Man. And it totally ate my, Lucas's, quarter.

So, Screamin' regulars, I was in Atlantic City last weekend and I ran across a wonderful Creature From the Black Lagoon slot machine. From the site of IGT, the games maker:


Return to those hot summer nights at the drive-in with the Creature From the Black Lagoon™ game! Silly scenes of horror from this time-honored monster movie combine with wisecracking backseat banter to thrill you whle you play this fun 5-reel, 15-line theme. This game is drenched with ways to win!

Claw™ Bonus

When three or more claw symbols line up left to right, there's no need for those 3-D glasses as the clawing Creature reaches out and shreds the screen to reveal bonus credits.

Snack Lagoon™ Bonus

Four or five scattered snack symbols lead to the concession stand touch-scream bonus. Who knows - there may be a lurking chance to double the tasty total and receive a bonus treat!

Enjoy breathtaking animation and enhanced stereo sound as winning line credits accumulate. For example, quirky comments accompany classic clips when three or more Creature symbols swim just above the screen's surface.

OH NO! The Gill Man has a grip on unsuspecting Kay! Not to worry. When three or more of these symbols line up left to right, the Gill Man releases her and dives back to his lair revealing screaming bonus credits and entertaining clips from the movie.

I didn't play it, so I don't know if they've added their own "wisecracking backseat banter," MTS3K-style. I hope not.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when Swamp Thing has his own gambling game, then we'll talk..