Thursday, September 28, 2006

Candy: Wonderful Halloween Peep sculptures from Frankford.

Please forgive the low quality of the photo, but I was unable to find a higher quality product shot on the Web. These out of focus characters are the Halloween edition Frankford Marshmallow Pals. Basically, they're Peeps. But these cats are more like Super-Peeps, Ultra-Peeps, Peeps to the Nth Degree. Instead of being vaguely formed uni- or duo-colored marshmallow lumps, Frankford uses icing to decorate their candies, creating cartoonishly detailed figures. There are stitches on the forehead and bolts in the neck of Frankenstein's Monster. You can clearly make out the fangs on Dracula. Even the witch's hair has texture to it. I've seen toy figurines with less detail than Frankfort put into these little candies. And all this for $1.99. Even if you don't like Peeps, they're worth buying to give to some little monster on H-day.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Peep Man!
Stumbled across this today-- it sort of relates to Halloween candy...
Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old stepson loved this, he didnt want to eat them at first, but couldnt resist, I wonder if they make different themes of them??