Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Books: Killer serials.

Because ANTSS prides itself on bringing you, the reading public, the very best in horror-themed entertainments and because ANTSS is cheap, I'm delighted to point you in the direction of not one, but, count 'em Screamers and Screamettes, two free serialized tales for your devious and deflationary delectation.

The first of these serials comes from Cryptic Bindings, a Seattle-based indie press "specializing in handcrafted fiction and one of a kind art books." The currently untitled thriller available on their site (along with a "name that thriller" contest) is cheap as free. It updates every Monday, so the latest installment is fresh off the virtual press.

Your second serialized tale comes from the pen one-man horror factory Stephen King. Taking the trend of book trailers to new heights, Simon and Schuster is plugging King's new short story collection, Just After Sunset, by turning King's Lovecraftian "N" into an 25-episode series of animated online shorts. The mini-flicks are a joint S&S/Marvel dealie. The series updates every Wednesday, so you've got all day to play catch up before the newest installment drops.

Dig 'em hard, hep cats and cool kitties. They're your new Monday and Wednesday productivity drains.


Mike Attebery said...

Cryptic Bindings' serial novel is still going strong. We're leaning towards the title "Billionaires, Bullets & Exploding Monkeys." Check it out. The first printed novel/Kindle title, "On/Off - A Jekyll & Hyde Story" will be debuting on November 4th, 2008 and will be available via Baker and Taylor and Ingram.

For news on both titles, and to check out the "On/Off" cover art go here:


Mike Attebery said...

Just wanted to let you know that my novel "On/Off - A Jekyll & Hyde Story" is now available for purchase. You can find out more here:


Mike Attebery