Friday, August 08, 2008

Music: Show the Goths some love.

First formed as a trio in 1994 out of the remains of Crayons and Wimp Factor 14, the Seattle-based low-fi indie power-pop band Tullycraft pushed a style at odds with the sonic sludge assault that would, by the end of the '90s, become the Seattle-Olympia Axis's official sound.

But, more than ten years later, when most of the grunge titans have imploded, become self-parodies, or simply called it a day, Tullycraft is still making music. They're a testament to the sticking power of talented, committed folks doing what they know they do best.

"Georgette Plays a Goth" is a sweet ode to everybody's favorite youth subculture. This little summer-friendly jam is laced with clever lyric writing, uses '60s bubblegum pop touches like they never went out of style, drops some classic indie rock guitar hooks, and a features a central heroine – the Georgette of the title – who is so appealing that you might find yourself regretting any crap you ever gave Goths.



Here's a live clip of nerdcore rap pioneer MC Frontalot doing his lust-besotted, epically cock-blocked tribute to "every sister with wrist scars and black eye goo." The second song costs you nuffin'. You get it for free, just because I love you all.

Have a good Friday, my dearest Screamers and Screamettes.

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