Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stuff: Cenobite case-mod – which is the nerdy way of saying "I made my computer look like the puzzle box from the Hellraiser flicks."

From my amigo David Ewalt over at Digital Download comes this odd little bit of Halloween creativity.

Some dude's new case-mod makes his computer look like the puzzle box – "the Lament Configuration" for those hardcore fans – from the Hellraiser films. For added cool points, an image of Pinhead's famous phiz glows through the casing when the lights are out.

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cattleworks said...

I was watching some of Hellraiser the other night on AMC's Monsterfest X. I first saw it when it came out at the theater and I thought it was... not bad. For some reason though, I kept a strange distance from it, I don't know why.
After watching fragments of it, I'm curious to see it again. Mostly because of Ashley Laurence, the teenage actress who plays Kristy. I only knew her from the Hellraiser movies (and I've only seen the first sequel, but I guess she appears in a third one as well, the fourth movie) and I thought she was pretty good. I wondered why I hadn't seen her in anything else.
Then, on Bravo, they had the countdown of scariest scenes and she was one of the people they interviewed. And she seemed very articulate and it made me more curious.
Have you checked out her link from the Wikipedia page for Hellraiser? It goes to her webpage. She has a 6 minute video reel of some of her acting jobs. It's weird watching these fragments, but there are highlights: the Coors commercial and especially, the Geico commercial. Her artwork is interesting, too.

Regarding the first film, the one thing that is dated badly about the Hellraiser film is the way they do, like, electricity effects. You do the puzzle box deal and lines of electricity or interdimensional energy surges from it-- aw, man! I can't believe how hokey it looks today! If they ever pull a George Lucas and do a Special Edition of the movie today, they just need to tweak this effect. It's like a visual cousin to those goofy laser beams/ray gun blasts that you see in old spacemen movies or even Godzilla movies. Yeesh.

Finally, this puzzle box cube for the computer.
Wouldn't you be the slightest bit nervous that you might actually trigger the cube somehow? Like, maybe the Word Verification code triggers THIS instead of Lovecraft!
You're happily commenting away, and as you type the scrambled letters, suddenly the cube starts opening up and folding it's funky, Hellish way.
Next thing you know, out of your closet you hear a pleasant voice from Hell, which keeps saying, "You've got mail... you've got mail... you've got mail..." and out comes this Cenobite dude, Spam, all gussied up in black latex, kind of refrigerator shaped, with a thin metal key vertically attached to his forehead which turns slowly under its own power, opening up the skull and revealing the cold brain inside! And there's more than one of him... way more!
And don't get me started about Spam's buddy, Penis Stretcher... bloodcurdling!