Monday, October 23, 2006

Attractions: The scariest thing since loganberry-based drinks.

Buffalo, the City of Good Neighbors, is justly proud for many things. It is the home of underappreciated blue-collar rockers Wide Right. Teddy Roosevelt, never fussy about beltway traditions, was sworn in as president not in Washington D.C., but in Buffalo (though historians believe President McKinley's taking a bullet to the head in Buffalo might have had something to do with Teddy's unorthodox choice of locations). Honest folks washing down an honest Mighty Taco with an honest splash of Aunt Rosie's – yes, the Nickel City, is a city.

Though, for the kind of folks who slink about this site, nothing quite sums up the charm of Buffalo like Fright World: the city's enormous 5-in-1 haunted house extravaganza. Housed in a gigantic 50,000 foot building, Fright World encompasses five distinct "haunted house" environments. Wrap your head around that. 50,000 square feet of screaming, bleeding, scare-ifying haunted house action.

Of special interest to "Screaming" regulars will be a Halloween screening of a film featuring blood-flow provided by none other than "Screaming" comment-leaver and general provider of moral support, Mr. Cattleworks.

If you are in Buffalo this Halloween, go to Fright World. I'll be scarier than the Millard Fillmore museum. (That's the last Buffalo reference I had. Sorry. I was going to do some thing like: "puts the eerie back in situated at the confluence of Lake Erie and the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers," but that was too much of a mouthful.)

Check the trailer:


cattleworks said...

You're awesome! And not just because you know how to do this computer link thing with YouTube on your blog(I, however, am just a lame computer/internet SPASMO!)(Sorry! Just came from Mermaid Heather's blog..!)
Am also mightily impressed with all the Buffalo details-- didn't even know we had a Millard Fillmore museum! (Although, I CAN tell you: no matter how many times you may watch that episode of X-Files, Buffalo does NOT have a Chinatown!)
Thanks for the plug!

CRwM said...

"Spasmo" is a great word.

Spreading the word was my pleasure. Just a little "thank you" for supporting the blog.