Friday, August 05, 2011

Movie news: Atlantic psycho? Raging bull shark?

A intriguing little tidbit of news from the Hollywood reporter. Take it away, Borys Kit:

Iconoclastic filmmaker Paul Schrader is teaming up with nihilistic author Bret Easton Ellis for the shark-infested psychological horror project Bait.

Schrader, the writer behind Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and the writer-director of American Gigolo, has signed to direct the picture, and will collaborate with Ellis on the latest draft of the script, which follows a young man itching to take his revenge against the wealthy.

The man, who works at a posh beach club, angles his way on to a yacht filled with the obnoxious elite, commandeering it into waters filled with the finned man-eaters.

There's not much more to the article than that. Production's aimed to start this year.

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