Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meta: Pod people.

You might have theorized that the reason I hide my face behind a mask and communicate almost entirely through the written word is that my face is horribly mutated and my voice sounds like the churning of a million blood-gorged insects attempting to free themselves from a vat of semi-congealed KY jelly.

You can test half of your conjecture by clicking over to I Love Horror and listening to his inaugural Horror Round Table pod cast.

That's right, CRwM speaks! And speaks! And speaks some more!

The lovely and talented Brad, of I Love Horror, invited the lovely and talented Vardulon, of Castle Vardulon, and the lovely and talented Divemistress, of Zombots, (see the sidebar for all magical links to all this talented loveliness) to discuss the state of horror, remake madness, sexism in horror, and other topics.

And then Brad added me. Was it a mistake? Or did Brad do it to the Internet on purpose? You'll have to listen to find out.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was not actually sitting at a round table. In that sense, the title of the pod cast is deceptive and I apologize for that in advance.


Adam Blomquist said...

That was great. Loved the optimism, it's so refreshing to hear an intelligent dialectic on horror.

Sasquatchan said...

KY congeals ? Hmm.

theverysmallarray said...

Lovely and Talented Vardulon? You kid, you joke, right? I mean, seriously. I felt like working up a petition after paging through Vardulon's posts. Seriously, why post anything if you can't find anything positive to say about what you supposedly enjoy? It really just disgusts me-it's pointless and what I read was presented joylessly.

CRwM said...


Yes. It does.

My word verification is "gasms."

CRwM said...


Your assuming the talent I'm refering to is blogging. What I really meant is that he's a golden goddess of a man and he makes a lobster with wasabi pepper sauce plate that will knock your socks on your ass.

Jokes aside: You bring up something that's kind of thing with me. A year or so back, I proposed to my readers - all, like, five of them at the time - a policy of "no negative reviews." I was going to make it a rule that I never wrote about something I didn't like. People utterly rejected the idea.

And they were right, I think. Some of my best reviews are the pans.

That said, I still get nervous whenever I write up a book or movie that I don't like. I try to make pans into something interesting in and of themsevles. Usually I use it as an opportunity to discuss something beyond the movie proper. But this is sometimes a pretty naked attempt to just get around talking about crap I don't like.

I actually admire the easy way Vardy can just throw down on a flick. There's a almost muscular confidence to the writing that I think I lack.

zoe said...

so many deceptions unveiled at once! it's not healthy. i was so certain about your voice...
ok, i'm heading over there now...but i'm going to throw my vote on both sides of the debate opened above: i like the policy of no negative reviews. i don't see the point to spending any time or energy on something i don't like (same going for politics: create, rather than destroy).

on the other hand, i really enjoy all your reviews, even the negative ones, because usually you just use what you don't like as a platform to say something else that's generally hysterical. they remind me a bit of borges' "reviews" of non-existent texts, only funny (non-existent for me, in this case, as i haven't seen/read them).