Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Meta: Holy crap! We're totally famous!

So Mr. McHargue, of I Love Horror (see the sidebar for linking action) fame, apparently really digs on the blog. So much, he was even willing to face near universal public humiliation by publicly proclaiming his love over at Horror Squad. Seriously:

One of the first blogs I came across when I decided to start my own, ANTSS has remained, at least for me, the standard of excellence among horror bloggers.

That's a man kiss!

Thanks Brad and to any new friends who may have found the blog through his kind write up. I'll keep chugging along and, hopefully, I can keep it all interesting for y'all.


Pauline said...

Extremely well deserved and perhaps even tastefully understated.

I Love Horror said...

Well deserved, even if you did spell my last name wrong :P

CRwM said...


Oops. Got carried away and forgot myself. Wait. I fix.

zoe said...

congratulations :D but not surprising!