Thursday, March 05, 2009

Music: Rainbow fright.

The recently rechristened Santigold released the video for her "L.E.S. Artists" something like two trillion years ago, but we here at ANTSS are only now getting around to it. Always timely, that's how we roll.

The song's spiffy and the whole vid is quite nice, but if you want to jump straight to reason I drop it on this here horror blog, you can skip the not-Santogold on horseback with the S1W-ish sisters not-dancing intro and cut to 1:29 mark. From that point the video involves folks recreating standard gore effects, but using intentionally jarring materials. People get their "guts" ripped out, but it is a string of chilies and the color and odd shapes draw attention to the artifice of the effect. People "bleed" green and watermelon "heads" get stomped on. It's pretty neat and could maybe even serve as a nice tutorial in D.Y.I. splatter for filmmakers on budget.

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