Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art: The healing arts.

Via the Mind Hacks blog, a lovely flickr set of abandoned hospitals in Loughborough, England.

I'm especially fond of the thematic murals and other creative bits left behind by various vandals.


wiec? said...

cool stuff. go to flickr and search "abandoned buildings" or "urban exploration". it's a lot like time traveling.

Before you know it you've seen a bunch of cool stuff, an hour has disappeared and you haven't blinked once.

zoe said...

i don't feel healed. is that a bad sign?
nice find...

CRwM said...


Are you sure you were sick? We can't heal you unless you start out sick.

Thanks for stopping by. I dig your blog.

CRwM said...


My employer thanks you for utterly destroying my productivity today.

Phantom of Pulp said...

I live for places like this.

Thanks for this, and thanks for the flickr link.


Sasquatchan said...

The urban explorer pages are great.. The twin cities guys stole days of my productivity in 2001-2002.. Never looked at flikr, as work blocks it.. But the other sites are great because you get back story on what the place was, what happened to it etc. Unsure if flikr gets you that, or just stark pictures of abandoned places.

CWRM, you should also link to your review of the movie filmed in the abandoned .. hmm. I think the actual location was a train station, but the premise of the film was mental hospital ?

There are many abandoned mental hospitals in the urban explorers web pages I recall.. Very spooky.

CRwM said...


Glad you dug it.

CRwM said...

Screamin' Sassy,

There were two flicks about abandoned mental hospitals. Prison of the Psychotic Damned was shot in an abandoned train station in Buffalo that starred as an abandoned asylum. It also featured ANTSS fav Mr. Cattleworks.

Session 9 was shot in Danvers. in Massachusetts. Which was an actual hospital - though I don't recollect if it was a mental hospital or not.