Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Music: Hayseed lycanthrope.

"I stared doing Hillbilly Werewolf because I thought that there needed to be a guy in a zombie suit playing rock n' roll."

And from that humble dream, Hillybilly Werewolf was born.

A two-man lowest of the low-fi psychobilly freak-out, Hillbilly Wolf consists of the titular lead singer and Josh Lowery, the relatively sane drummer. It is just two dudes, but they kick up a racket something fierce. I think of HW as a sort of Screaming Lord Sutch for the post-White Stripes era.

Here's a live clip of this gothabilly duo at Otto's in NYC. Watch stupefied as they bludgeon their way through the final song of their set. I'm especially fond of the wonderfully over-the-top false start and the gorilla sounds Hillbilly Werewolf emits at the beginning and end of the song.

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