Thursday, April 30, 2015

Games: The Call's Coming from Inside the Smartphone.

Augmented reality, a sort of mid-stage between virtual reality and a clear user-interface mediated experience in which a portable device - like your phone - reacts to the dynamic environment around it to create novel experiences, is mostly just a gimmick now. There have been a lot of fun games built around the concept, but few have really taken advantage of the fact that players could be fully mobile and that the virtual NPC's within the game could adapt to the world around them. Mostly, the games have exploited a stable map with experiences tied to specific landmarks. The developers of Night Terrors want to change that. They have a promo concepty video above that discusses how their game will turn any home (presumably you'd need one big enough, loft apartments would kind of suck for this game) into a haunted house. It's worth checking out.


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