Thursday, March 06, 2008

Music: "Cry, Werewolf, Cry!"

Normally, I take no small measure of pride in the posts featuring slices of horror-themed music. My loyal public, all six of you, really demand the best, and I, your humble horror host, get a real sense of fulfillment when I can bring it to you.

And then, sometimes, I just post a POS tune from Euro-trash hair metal rockers Sha-Boom and am done with it.

Sha-Boom's lamer than lame "Werewolf" is from the band's third album and can be found on their 2008 greatest hits compilation: Fiiire. The extra vowels are necessary because, you see, so many people are so very excited by the possibility of a Sha-Boom greatest hits album that they cannot constrain themselves from drawing out their vowel sounds.

Belgian hair stylist: "Have you heard about the new Sha-Boom album?"
German leather pants monger: "Iiindeed. Iiit iiis called Fiiire! III'm so exciiited my speech patterns are effected!"

This is perhaps the worst horror-themed tune I've ever posted on ANTSS. Though I feel I must warn you that it's chorus, which uses the lead singer's accent to force a rhyme between "cry" and "wild," is strangely addictive. I won't be held responsible for anything that happens to the sanity of any reader who gets this tune stuck in their noggin.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, there must be some werewolf film where one or all the members of a HAIR metal band are vicious shapeshifting mothers.
And I'm not saying that as a bad joke... that's merely an added bonus... i'm just saying because that seems like a truism, but i'm not sure if it is.
Do you have any idea?

And the chorus is definitely infectious, damn you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I mean. Wow. Awful, awful video.

Even if they added gratuitous T&A to this video, it would STILL be awful.