Sunday, June 10, 2007

Music: Zombies, demons, and, then, something really scary.

Are all you Screamers and Screamettes having a swinging and screamin' good weekend? As a little Sunday treat, here's two tunes to dig on followed by one that will either induce laughter or tears, depending on your tolerance for bad 80s retro crap. We'll start with the good stuff (that way you can cut out early if you want to avoid the neon-colored punchline).

This Sunday, we're giving you the ol' psychobilly one-two. Starting with Creepshow, a horror-tinged quartet from Ontario. Formed in 2005, Creepshow consists of Hellcat on guitar and lead vocals, Sickboy on the upright, the Reverend McGinty working the keyboard, and Matt Pomade in the engine room. The band spent their first year working on a live show that, by all reports, is a wild and rocking good time. After building a loyal fan-base, the dropped their first long-player: 2006's Sell Your Soul. Currently the quartet is touring with an alternate line-up. Frontwoman Hellcat is on maternity leave and her sister, Sarah Blackwood, is filling in. Here's the original line-up performing their short, but sweet, "Zombies Ate Her Brain."

Eagled-eyed viewers may have noted the appearance of a Creature from the Black Lagoon lobby card in the background of the breakfast scene. Now that's a band with excellent taste (no pun intended).

Keeping it all in the family, Hellcat's hubby, a cat who goes by the name Hooch, also fronts a psychobilly band. He's the face of The Matadors. Here's the man who knocked up Hellcat and his crew rockin' their "Creeping Demon."

Finally, last night, after grilling up a mess of ribs and drinking many a beer, a friend and I got to talking about the career of Kurt Russell. These things happen when you've had enough to drink. This led, as such conversations should, to a the topic of Big Trouble in Little China. And that led, of course, to us popping said flick into the old DVD player. Until last night, I had not noticed that director John Carpenter is not only the man behind the camera on this picture, he's the dude responsible for the very, very 80s soundtrack and he can be heard singing the closing credit theme song. Screamettes and Screamers, I present to you John Carpenter's overlooked masterwork: the music video for "Big Trouble in Little China."

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